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(This blog entry was published before in Dutch).

Meanwhile some 35 years ago, I did a summer course polarity therapy according to
Dr. Randolph Stone.

One of the things we did on the Hoorneboeg in Hilversum then, was what was called the royal liver flush. That was something. I still have memories of that night, after the half cup of olive oil was consumed. My body tossed and buzzed like a power station and the next day there was a large amount of lumps that came out. Gallstones. What I remember most vividly is when my green mass in a small duralex bowl was passed on in the group. Accompanied of course by little screams of the oh so sensitive new age girls who felt negative energy come by. (Well, not so cynical kid says I, talking to myself now). There was a moment I felt pride.
I had the most!
The rest of my life and since then this is the example for myself (and sometimes for others when I speak about it), of how irrational emotions are/can be.

Anyway, I’ve told this before, one of the girls from the group approached me and said, “Now I’m not afraid of your eyes anymore.”
Not surprising, for before that time I have described the colour of my eyes as that of ground razor blades.
The summer before I was after my divorce for the first time alone on holiday to France and one of the things I did (it was also the holiday with the two Parisiennes on Arnaoutchot)  was reading the book of Wilhelm Reich titled The Mass Psychology of Fascism. In my experience reading that book gave me a deep insight into the nature, the essence of aggression. (A year later the gallstones came out, you have something on your liver or not).
For the first liver flush I had beside the pupil of my right eye a big black spot in my iris. The liver and the gallbladder according to iridology. After that green burst that spot changed and split into two smaller islands, of which are two black dots left nowadays. I wonder if they are going to be even smaller again.

Over two years ago, a friend gave me the phone number of someone who guides people in colon cleansing. It was recommended to me because of the violent eczema that I had at times over the last decade and in recent years have almost continuously. The note was in my computer nook on the wall stuck on a yellow piece of paper: “Paul Cleaning (via Barbara)”. I did not want to. Was not ready. I thought.
The boys of the planning, as I always call them, decided otherwise:

Last January, in India, in Tiruvannamalai to be more precise, I met somebody, the sister of a man I know of retreats. She traveled with two friends and one of them gave me, through her, something against constipation. That is how I came in conversation with him, and when my skin problems were mentioned, (I had so many problems with my eczema infested feet that I had a bike hired to transport myself from my ashram room to the breakfast in the German Bakery, ah, plain porridge !), he said that colon cleansing probably would help. And yes, you guessed it, Paul Cleaning in person. I said I would give him a call after returning to the Netherlands.

And that is what I did.. As a result, I announced a year ago (Hidden in the second open letter to James Swartz), the following:
This morning, just before waking up, there was dreaming in All which I set myself up in a house with someone who knew how
providence to me with some heroin to suppress the symptoms cold turkey, just in case I would not be bootable to handle them symptoms.
The symbolism spoke to me, I am going to do a deep fast with Arise and Shine herbs in about a week.
I’ll do this under the supervision of someone who lives on biking distance from here,
but who I with in this amazing place called Tiruvannamalai.
So, I’m going to meet some dragons in the coming weeks: the Chocolate Dragon, the Coffee and Tea Black Dragon,
the Diary Products Dragon, the Dragon and the Dragon Sugar or Grains. Pray for me.

I have now four times a week cleaning done, under the expert guidance of Paul Cleaning. The last three times also a liver cleansing. The first time that yielded little material from the liver. Paul said: “It will come.” I said, “Oh no, my bulk was released 35 years ago. Paul said: “You’ll see, keep doing it.”

Yesterday I wrote to a friend doing his way of cleaning in a Zen Center in Tamil Nadu about my  latest harvest:
‘Am currently doing a clean-up operation on a juice fast and with herbs (Arise and Shine) and did two days ago a liver cleansing resulting in a large amount of stuff from the liver into my camp bucket. If only you dig deep enough, I also have a colored interior.
Here a picture of the bile / cholesterol produced by my own body:

Yes, it was a few days ago still in my body. Admittedly, the flash makes the color a lot brighter.

I intend also to show the entire harvest. Perhaps a bit ‘not done’. But is has to be said and shown. Many people are having their gallbladder removal surgery and then go from bad to worse. While the information and technology to get gallstones out, simple and inexpensive has long been available. After that first time I was told that the original recipe comes from the Mazdaznan. Looking at Mazdaznan and liver cleanse, google points the way to a book: The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body (Paperback)

The knowledge is undoubtedly older. There is little new under the sun. A lot of infromation is kept out of sight.. By the pharmaceutical industry for instance.
Valium is based on the valerian root. And now the pharmaceutical lobby has organized much trouble for the trade in herbs such as valerian root.

It’s easy to elaborate, enough for now.

My skin goes better after each cleansing, but there is still a long way to go.
What I want to say: at the moment I like very much doing this colon cleansing and the liver flush. And it also provides a whole new view of your inner world. The world of intestinal plaque, the smell of all that, and its own jargon. An example: except enemas with water, you can add to the rinse water all kinds of stuff. As there are Meine Base, sodium bicarbonate, morning urine, various herbal teas and ….. coffee.
Coffee we take in a second enema, the idea being that the coffee through the bloodstream stimulates the liver into activity. It may happen that that alone is enough to harvest after a coffee enema material released from the liver. This material is light yellow to bright green and it floats. This is the necessary background information to understand the title statement by Paul Cleaning. An earlier statement from him is this: You take your motivation from your bucket.
In this sense, the following picture of the floating layer from which the material in the previous picture comes, is intended as being motivational:

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