Porn stripped, killing too

The following was published before as: Re: SEXYSHOCK, the summary of all pornin n0by’s yahoogroup, 9 years ago.
(Was reminded of it by some thoughts a few weeks ago in which watching porn was associated with movement seen, as compared to making love being movement felt).
— In, “Hans van der Gugten” <mail@h…> wrote:
> Hi,
> Here is the artist version of all the ‘hot’ stuff.
> The summary of all porn,
> the visualisation of all the basic movements,
> assembled together into a mechanical yet beautiful flash movie.
> Done by the
> Go get it and enjoy.

Subtitle: “… thin like the blade of a shaver or the girdle of a

Beloved Master Beaters,

I have, as you might guess, a personal past with this subject.
Those who have read my story on my site could easily have guessed.
Only a few month ago I stumbled over MinimalPorn and knew right away
that there would come a link to this, with some story, on my website.
This afternoon I send it spontanious in reaction to the post of Mukul.
Then I thought it deserved a place on its own, with a recognisable
Then I thought the artist needed to be found and mentioned.

Thru this search I found a great collection of flash movies:
(Link has disappeared).

On it the email address of the artist that made Minimalporn, the
Thanks to (again) Google and this email address I found this guy’s
There we find the following text:

Minimalporn & MinimalKiller.

Sex and violence represent the main nutriment for the greater part of
the contemporary mass-media productions. The voyeurism, the
pathological philosophy that supports it. Minimalporn and
minimalkiller is only a graphical idea that wants to go away from the
photographic realism proposing an extreme point of view: the explicit
sex, cleaned up from its natural colors, becomes only a mechanical
movement, where our fantasy (if there is) will fill up the shapes.
The killing act like one simple alteration of balance of the parts.
The show of the pleasure and the pain is hidden. Those that remains
tries to be an ironic, sometime cynical and thin reference… thin
like the blade of a shaver or the girdle of a showgirl!

Minimalporn and minimalkiller would not be without the collaboration
of Riccardo Valsecchi as . Enzo Casucci author of musics of
minimalkiller. Mauro Pieri author of the jingle of minimalporn and
careful critic of my job. (Saint) Frà Romè that patiently has
my animations for video presentation. Valentina Red for many things.

Flavio Boretti

So, MasterLovers of the world, unite, and applaude the found artist:
Flavio Boretti.

Thank you very much, indeed.

And he made more: Minimal Killer, also on his website:

I prefer the MinimalPorn.
This might just be my personal preference.

United MasterBeaters of the world, may we have your votes please.

Always yours,


Note: I will send the artist a copy of this post as a way of showing
my appreciation of his work.

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