Old stuff on In the beginning was the word, etc

Was searching for some things that I wrote some time ago about language.
This one was posted before on Sat Apr 28, 2012 as: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GuruRatings/message/211481

> > Okay Gary,
> >
> > Seen from here I did a serious attempt to communicate with you.
> > As so often you end up with a tirade.
> > We’re done.
> >
> > hans
> >
> T: Dear Hans.
> “We’re done” ?
> you say!
> 🙂
> Wanna bet?
> The show is just getting on the road.
> tboni

Hi Tboni,

Of course you are right, the show must go on.
But i want to enjoy the break, and finally have time to answer some
stagged messages from others too.

Last night did another Cura ritual with the Santo Daime.

I remember a period where it was visually/energetically shown how
language influences everything (how to say?). Almost the creational
story, the sentence In the beginning was the word etc came and comes to mind.

And it went on and on. Had a ‘on my own after party’ in my car and when I opened
my eyes feeling fit to drive it was already 4.30.
To sleep at 6. Woke up with the feeling/knowing that I forgive my father everything
that I did not yet.

I hope i get the change in a few hours to tell him that.
He is probably in his last days of living.
In between Gary bashing (as he seems to experience it) I spend 2 days ago  some time
with my 95 year old dad in the emergency department of a hospital.
He is home again, but very weak.
He is actually a charming personality who always says ‘thank you for your visit’.
And the answer to the question how are you, a few days ago was something like:
‘I dont think that I will recover enough to start running’.

So far a sign of being alive.

And yes, for the lazy children: Chicken Wing ice cream does exist!!!
http://www.universejapan.com/?p=575 )


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