The coming out of the junky

September 2002.
I remember that when this one happened I felt kind of suppressed by this hihihi here and now fetisjism. Later I have mentioned this to him.
When I come across that episode, I’ll put a link to that one.
And it gave me the opportunity to put some force in making my point.
A year later smoking stopped. That’s now 10 years ago.

From this meeting the text is available:

Germany, Chiemsee, September 8, 2002.

This meeting starts with a long silent looking. Isaac starts laughing and asks:

> Enjoying hey?
< Ja. Actually I think you are very scary. That’s why I am here, I’m just realizing that.
> And yet, in spite of that scariness, you are enjoying.
< Absolutely.
[long silence]
< Meditation is not my thing, but sitting in line is quite revealing.
  I have a question about eh… I have a lot of this spiral things called habits or addictions.
> How do you know?
< It’s just an idea about this habits.
> [Laughing]: Where are they now?
< They are in the future, here in my head. The last few month several of this habits disappeared. And my basic thing is smoking and I have been looking at that as good as I could and it doesn’t work at all. Twenty minutes ago I went for a cup of tea, of course smoking a cigaret. And then suddenly something combined about ‘no time’, time disappearing. And I already consciously say for 15 years with smoking I cut time in pieces. And just outside, 20 minutes ago, it dawned on me that what I am actually doing is kind of putting away the unbearable feeling of always being in time, when this [the thinking] is running. So, that’s the most actual update and I don’t have a clue what’s going to happen.
> It is good to see you. And you see how for all of us it is getting deeper. I see quite a shift in how you are wired.
< In how I what?
> In how you’re wired. In how you emanate you could say. There are a few people that were there in the Holland retreat here. Anyone else can see a change in this? Quite amazing actually, really amazing.
< Thank you.
> Thank you.
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