Wild tantra day and a couple of paintings








As mentioned before, I was suddenly going to attend a Intro Wild Tantra day.
(Offered by wildtantra.com/index_custom/

This day started with the same bioenergetics exercise that I did in the before mentioned tantra weekend in 1984.
I searched youtube for a moving version of it.
That’s not as easy as I expected it to be.
Here is a slow version:

We did the exercise fast and faster and faster, not with someone giving the tempo by beating up a pan with a wooden spoon, like in 1984. But accompanied by music of the fast part of a Osho dynamic meditaiton. Energizing from the roots.

What can I say about this day?
A satsang/retreat friend from Switzerland asked per mail:
Hellooooo how was your tantra week end ? ❤️



Just published the above

2/3 of the text got lost, no idea why this happened.

Maybe later a repair will happen.


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