The ears of rye









While looking for the translation of the Portugese word comitiva, I happened to see a image that took my attention for some reason and I came here:
There i followed the link to talks of Wade Davis and saw this great story of him that I had seen before but loved seeing again:

After that I read In memoriam Albert Hofmann, the Father of LSD who died in 2008 at the age of 102:
The last two sentences of this well written article are:
“I know LSD; I don’t need to take it anymore,” he said, adding. “Maybe when I die, like Aldous Huxley.”

But he said LSD had not affected his understanding of death. In death, he said, “I go back to where I came from, to where I was before I was born, that’s all.”
lsd-molecule-hofmann-197x300 (1)



Albert Hofmann and a model of the LSD-25 molecule

(From this article where the relation is explained between  dreaming and DMT, the main substance of ayahuasca:


The ears of rye?
The origin of LSD 25 is in nature, in the wet ears of rye.

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