Shocking panchanga pranama

Recently I republished one of the thousands of messages of mine  that are out there on the web in several yahoogroups.

Last time it was the report on my visit to Rajneeshpuram.

This time it is about something that happened to me some 35 years ago in India.
I was reminded of it because yesterday someone posted a youtube with pictures of Herakhan Baba. I had seen it before, I mean all those pictures, yet it brings up old memories again.
Babaji was the first person that I visited that was considered to be a guru. And not only that, he was considered to be the incarnation of God.
It’s a whole different story how I ended up there, but after I had arrived at this remote ashram, I attended the evening darshan. At the end of it, Babaji stood up, walked thru the path between the men and women and when he spotted me in the only by lamps and candles lit darkness, he stopped, looked at me and turned into the completest smiling being I have ever seen in my life.
My mind took it like this: When those people are right, then God has laughed at me!

At some point during my short stay there , we traveled, a yogi and some other foreigners, to a place called Almora, and from there we went into the surrounding woods, hills, rice fields. A very old small temple in the middle of nowhere was our goal.
There we stayed for some days, preparing the upcoming visit of babaji, who was going to read there from a certain ancient text, for the first time in centuries. Or something like that.
I was reminded of a certain event and found my report of it in one of those groups.

Here it is.
Hans van der Gugten. Amsterdam, November 5, 2005.

Once in India, while with Herakhan Baba, I travelled
with one of his yogis to a place, where for two weeks
I had the name Hongso Baba.
(I actually signed here once with this name, no 5426)
That was indeed a experience.
There is a story connected to it. Down there, in the
rice-fields, close to a small temple in the middle of
nowhere, where we were preparing a visit of Herakhan
Baba, an older lady went flat on the ground for me.
The most total way of bowing they know in India,
she did for me.
And I could not handle it, I took it personal.
I kind of ran my way back to this little temple,
washed this sandalwood paste orange dot from my forehead,
and rather confused spoke a long time with this yogi.
I still remember schematically what he told me.
Either see sees the divine in you, and then it has
nothing to do with you as a person, so relax.
Or, she does it out of shere habit, and then it has
nothing to do with you, so relax.
And so I relaxed, as far as I could, which was not far
in those days, some 24 years ago.

Ah, I could go on for hours, more and more memories coming up.
Maybe another time.

Oh, and here is this picture youtube:

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