The sonic retour and rebirth à la Tomatis

rebirthing(Only when finishing this page I thought about finding
the logo of the rebirthing movement. I have been a
rebirther some thirty years ago and when I happened
to mention this to my “doctor / Certified Tomatis
Consultant”, he said that Tomatis also has
developped a sonic pendant of the (re-)birth proces.
I followed my curiosity and just finished doing it).
Friday, September 26 2014: the start of another round of Tomatis Listening Training.
This time it was for ten days the sonic retour à la Tomatis.

Then, after a break of a month, I did for ten days the sonic rebirth à la Tomatis.
Ten nights, in my current day scheme that was between midnight and 3 o’clock in the morning, I was listening to this special music, intelligently manipulated and consumed through this special air and bone conduction earphones developped by dr. Tomatis.

The advice is given to do drawing during this two hours.
This is actually how drawing started for me, see here for a drawing and some text about Tomatis from a year ago.

I give two links for those who want some background info on the subject:

So today is my Tomatis (re-)birthday.
To celebrate this I share with you eleven drawings. The one that I made when I postponed starting the ten day series and the ten drawings that followed.











When it comes to birthdays, I am always remembered of this fantastic version of happy B-day by Jimmy Hendrix. For all newborns:

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