Addendum ex arca archa, or Ramji and Meji 8

I wanted to add some video material to Ramji and Meji 7 as suggestions for thinking out of the box and some for fun.
For pragmatic reasons I made a separate addendum out of it.
Title: addendum ex arca archa. (Dicit fidus interpres google).

The mentioned Shinzen Young about enlightenment for instance. How relaxed!
(After enlightenment, what’s left, what’s the point? ~ Shinzen Young)

Because disqualification was an item in my thinking the last months, I noticed with some extra attention the announcement that came form the car radio about a new opera by Theo Loevendie. To some friends I wrote this:
“There is a new opera by Theo Loevendie, The Rise of Spinoza. Spinoza was the man who was disqualified centuries ago by the Jewish riesthood in Amsterdam, called MA’AMAD and was sent away with a terrible curse. Ever read it? (The curse, I mean).
NB The name ma’amad sounded like the Matha that Shankara founded in India, so I looked it up.


Here is the brand new opera: Theo Loevendie – The Rise of Spinoza

A long line that was; from neo bashing, disqualifications, descartes bashing, to hearing that there is a new opera about Spinoza, student and critic of Descartes, who was rudely disqualified by his community, fiercely in fear for his truth. (In fact not the whole community, it was the jewish pandits that got rid of him).

I recently saw a much appreciated video by  Adyashanti:
Transcendence as a Stage in Awakening – Adyashanti

And there was this interview with the very same Adyashanti
(Spiritual Awakening: A Radical Shift in Identity – Wake Up Festival 2012)
about which I wrote to the same friends: “For me this interview kind of represents the current stage of learning about spirituality in the Western world, after the World Wars and the collective march out of the christian churches. Amen.”
Here it is:

A good moment to show you the very first video that I made of Isaac Shapiro, the ‘neo’
I am frequenting already since the last century: Silence in action.
And for fun the last three videos that I have put in the satsang archeology pit.

The first two are meetings of myself with Isaac, both silence in action.
And the third one a slight indication of another way of looking into the karma stuff.

I have heard someone call the cello the herald of melancholy.
Lastly a musical encore, Tchaikovsky’s Pezzo Capriccioso,
the cello played by Tatjana Vassiljeva.


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