Meetings with Sindhu and others, spring 2016.


Last week (that was half September) I bought a ticket to fly to Chennai again, this time on the second Xmass day.

Hopefully by the first half of Januari I will again go to Tiruvannamalai.

And looking forward to meeting all those people again. And Sindhu of course.

Will now give a series of pictures from our last meetings, intertwined with some stories.

Let me first find my favourite pic from last time.


This was in the rikshaw on our way back from the dinner we had in a restaurant with five of us.
(Kumar, Sindhu, her mother, Bharathi and me).
When we went there, Bharathi said she would follow on her scooty. I thought this was her nichname for it, but it appeared to be the brand name,


Then there was the unpacking of the necklace I bought for Sindhu from this jeweler from Kashmir that we meet in Mamallapuram the last years. His dream is to sell me once a carpet. I resist buying anything most of the time, but this time I asked him to sell me a necklace for a young girl and he sold me the perfect item:
Here is the jeweller posing with my friend Diederik in front of his shop:

Then there was the annual making colourfull drawings for Pongol by the children of the Shanti Children Project in front of Shanti Cafe. First Sindu solo, then an overview:

The last one was made by Kumar, just found in an email.

Back to the last dinner, Kumar has nice pics of that event too:
Looks like a completely different place, right?
And a different perspective too.
And ice cream:
Sindhu too:
How this specific restaurant came on my path is already mentioned in the blog where I already posted this picture before: Story upon story.

Sindhu was already speaking better English than the year before (she is on high school and the best of her class they tell me). So we went out more often the two of us. Here we are having dinner in restaurant The Dreaming Tree:
We asked someone to make this picture of us and you can see Sindhu posing as eating. She holds her hand above the food. Actually a bit later I saw her suddenly eat with fork and knive:
And another great desert:

There was another lunch in a chique restaurant, I don’t even remember its name at this very moment, but it resulted in this nice picture:

It’s time to finish this blog.
At our last meeting around saying farewell they walked me in the dark to their clay floored small house and it appeared to have been taken down completely.
Only then I suddenly understood the story about them staying with the neighbours. Kumar told me later  that they own the house and that it was going to be rebuild.
Surprise. Curious what it will look like next time:







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