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Amsterdam Intensive


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    Sunday, September 10 at 1 PM – 7 PM
    3 days ago
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    De Nieuwe Yogaschool

    Laurierstraat 109, 1016PL Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hans van der Gugten went to this Amsterdam Intensive hosted by Sat Shree & New Dharma on Sunday, September 10 from 1 PM – 7 PM. Since then, so already for a few days something is simmering inside me. It is going on since I was on the chair with Sat Shree. And here on facebook and later copied into a blog, I will speak a bit to you, Sat Shree. Just from memory, not from the promised but not yet having arrived sound recordings, I represent what came to me, in combination with some feelings that it brings forth: I can see how attractive it is to have (found) someone that has such a complete cosmology worked out and can tell about it so much as a matter of course that you hardly can imagine that once ever the word doubt was of any use in real life. When on stage in the chair I told you about the action I undertook some ten years ago in my family. It was about getting rid of a family secret around incest. And, as I told you, recently, partly made possible by this actions of mine, my sister published a book with her story. The subject, her subject is incest. Yet, the title is referring to the secrecy: “Als je de woorden weet. Overleven met een familiegeheim”. The enormity of the impact of that layer of her (and mine and my whole family’s) experience was something that she had not been aware of. Then you told me that doing this action has been a way of breaking off, postponing, of flushing down the drain my spiritual development. A bit later in our conversation you stated, boldly I’d say, that the purpose of taking a life on earth, choosing a human existence, (as a soul, coming from what you call the Middle Kingdom), is all about suffering, cause without suffering Consciousness can never come to know itself. So, at some point I came into the conversation with this a tiny bit defensive statement: “When I got you right, you just told me that I have resisted the Purpose of The Cosmos.” [Yes, I’m comedian enought to know that this will bring laughter in the audience of almost a hundred people, and thus bringing down the tension a bit). Somewhat later you asked, reacting on something I said, if I had been instrumental in doing this action? Yes of course I said, certainly for a good part of it. I took a lot of time for it, I meditated on it, I asked for advice on it, it was something that happened thru me and it was clear to me that it had to happen. We have met before a few times in India and we will probably meet again. When I left the chair I said: see you in Tiru. So, when we meet again in Tiruvannamalai, the city where Raman Maharshi used to live on the for Indians holy mountain Arunachala, there will be questions from my side about our meeting. And about your cosmology. I mean, suffering, when it occurs, can be instrumental in finding our inner core, in finding peace. But to state that the purpose of human existence is suffering!!. C’mon. I had and have the feeling that my action healed something. Even something like, whatever it may be or is, family karma. Doesn’t healing and progress also happen here and now on this earth? If taking this kind of actions means not getting enlightened (even more enlightened), then so be it. Bodhi Sattva Ki Jai ! Looking forward to answers, rather sooner than later. Greetingz. hans

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One Response to Bodhi Sattva Ki Jai !

  1. Derek says:

    If Sat Shree really stated that the PURPOSE of life is suffering he’s talking BS.
    I’m afraid though he did, knowing him a bit.
    He’s just a bit confused in these matters.

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