A kind of Boogie Woogie

Ah, finally, the heatwave is over.
I felt caught up in the headlights of the weather.
Now for some light verse.

On my houseboat in Amsterdam are often visitors from all over the place called planet earth.
That’s the logical consequence of running a B&B in such a popular city as Amsterdam on so beautiful a spot as next to the famous Skinny Bridge in the Amstel River.

So, quite often I find a friendly note written by happy guests that have just left.

This morning I found one that struck me as beautiful.
It reminded me, it took a while to find what it was that pulled my attention, of a text written on a thin lined Mondriaan painting.

Here it is:

The why of the pink background is in this email that I send my guests:

Hello Thomas and Sarah,

I’m sorry that I didn’t hear your knocking.

Good solution with the key, thanks for your sms.**

Also many thanks for your nice note.

I might make a blog page of it on my website.

If that happens I’ll send you a link.

You have left behind a pink towel.

I will adopt it.

Welcome home and greetingz,


**(The sms said: “We knocked but nobody answered, so we have put the key in the letterbox. Thank you for everything”).

Oh, by the way, here are the links to the B&B’s, enjoy the pictures.



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