Rishikesh to Amsterdam 1, from lockdown to lockdown

Lockdown drawing 5, the beginning.
Rishikesh to Amsterdam 1, from lockdown to lockdown
Rishikesh to Amsterdam 2, from lockdown to lockdown
Rishikesh to Amsterdam 3, from lockdown to lockdown
Rishikesh to Amsterdam 4, from lockdown to lockdown

During my last stay in India from December 12 last year till

Sunday April 5, I noticed that slowly slowly the smartphone

took over the role of using the computer in internet shops.

Also writing on facebook and posting pictures there, has

become so much easier than reporting from blog to blog.


Also my interest in writing about the happenings along the

spirtual road diminished as, simultaneously, the interest in

walking that path the way I used to do that withered

somehow too.

About that proces I will write more, sooner or later.

And not so soon I’m afraid.


Now I feel like making a longer story with space for more

pictures about the last weeks in India. So, a blog again.

I think I might even bring some of what I wrote before on

facebook as quotes in here.

So, there we go.

The day before I travelled from Rishikesh to Delhi to fly

back to Amsterdam/Schiphol Airport I started the 5th

lockdown drawing in this still anonymous restaurant where

I spent almost two weeks. I went there in the morning just

before 10 o’clock, just within the allowed time frame that

walking around for shopping was allowed. Later that

window became from 7 til 13, but there was nothing else to

do or to go to. So I have spend up till 12 hours per day there.

Between 21 and 22 I walked back to my room through the

dark and deserted streets of Laxmanjhula. Sometimes I

walked a few rounds on the little squaire to have at least

some exercise.

The small square of Laxmanjhula, the morning of April 3.

At some point I started making drawings again.

What else to do?

The for me curious thing was that my ‘normal’ mode

of making drawings is strongly connected with doing so

called Tomatis Listening Training sessions. (For more info

on that subject just google for it, or search in my website).

What happens for me during this sessions is this, and that is

how it apparently works for me: I was doing something

usefull, I was even paying for it and that kind of justifies for

me doing something just for fun.

(This phenomenon is related to the feeling of guilt that was

implanted in my nervous system [and not only in mine] by a

Protestant, so called Christian education, you know, the

thingy with that we are born sinners and stuff like that).

To allow this sessions to have the optimal impact you are

invited to either distract your mind from what is

happening during the sessions by making jigsaw puzzles or

to do drawing.

I choose drawing and from the very first time, 7 years ago a

specific and very recognizable kind of drawings started to

appear. It is clearly a kind of format, yet each and every time

the result is both in a way the same yet surprizingly totally


(The same goes for each and every ayahuasca work).

Something simular happened for me during this lockdown.

My tempo went down, the urgency to do what I had in mind

doing, for instance writing a blog about my withering

interest in walking the spiritual path, fell flat.

I was doing something important, being in lockkdown felt

like something important, and it meant also that there was

nowhere to go. And thus there was space to do something

just for fun. Drawing.

I see that this is going to be way to long, so I just made this

into part 1.

Let me just show you the five drawings that I made in that

restaurant, including the one that I started there, see above,

and that I have finished here in Amsterdam, ten days later.

Lockdown drawing 1, the beginning.

Lockdown drawing 1.

Lockdown drawing 2.


Lockdown drawing 3.

Lockdown drawing 4.

(Birt date. My father lived to be 96 years old. The day I started this drawing it  was 103 years ago that he was born).

Lockdown drawing 5, flown from lockdown to lockdown.

Lockdown drawing 5.

To be continued.

Rishikesh to Amsterdam 1, from lockdown to lockdown
Rishikesh to Amsterdam 2, from lockdown to lockdown
Rishikesh to Amsterdam 3, from lockdown to lockdown
Rishikesh to Amsterdam 4, from lockdown to lockdown


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2 Responses to Rishikesh to Amsterdam 1, from lockdown to lockdown

  1. sri Ram T says:

    Missed meeting you at Rishikesh, Stayed at Dayananda Ashram for Sw TV’s additional camp covering the period 27th Feb to March 7th.
    Swami Anubhavananda chanced to be there as his China Visit was cancelled.
    Awaiting the tales of your exploits trying to get back home.
    Hari Om

  2. For me, I see the many aspects of our self. The liquid quality and flow between the many characters in the drawing form the many in the one and the one in the many. It must have been a working meditation. Perhaps your father is in there and perhaps more. I don’t want to make the mistake of making a literal translation. It’s the flow of it all. The One of it. The unity behind the diversity. The playfulness of the space is there. It is your gift to yourself. No need for guilt. It’s not there. You are.

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