Dankjewel Diederik + Sita sings the blues, or: Meji and Ramji 1.

There is even a gift in fuzzy rhetoric.
(In this is my totally subjective aversion against all this teachers that seem to need it to dethrone other teachers/teachings in order to situate theirs).
So, again, there is a gift in misunderstanding rhetoric.
How so?
Well, am again attending the satsangs of James Swartz. And of course he is nagging the neo advaita teachers again and again. It seems to stick to him and rightfully so, cause well grounded feedback is a great thing.
Last year I was not bothered at all by the unnecessary energies that come with his feedback (Beware! my experience). But a few days ago he was suddenly bragging (Beware
again: probably in my experience only): ‘I have criticised all this teachers and not one  of them has stood up to oppose me’.
This, combined with the report of another Amsterdam guy that last year from his irritation by Ramji’s Rant against the teaching of Mooji offered to organise a meeting between Ramji and Mooji, a challenge that was not taken.
The above is meant only as a context for what follows:

While talking to yet another Amsterdam guy (AG), who appeared not to be irritated at all by Ramji’s Rants,  he kept asking questions that invited me to get more and more precise.
At a point I said: what irritates me, is that I see him sketch out a caricature of what others supposedly are doing, silently implying that the sketch is veridical and judges the palavered teaching as incomplete based on the sketch.
Then the AG asked me what my irritation has to do with me. I suddenly sank thru the floor and came back with: I myself have also often been judged by my caricature.The caricature being my outer behaviour, the clumsy reach that is/was meant to be meant for connecting to people, but so often had the opposite effect, which made the next reach even more clumsy, etc, etc.
So, here it is: my irritation, my clumsy reach, was keeping me from feeling the remnants of a lifelong line of sadness. Another layer tackled.

This reminded me of the best remembered remark that my teacher Isaac Shapiro once made years ago during a retreat.
At some point I teasingly commented on someone’s behaviour with a prolonged Hulloooooh! Out of the blue Isaac looked at me and asked ‘Can you hear the tone of your voice?’ And then, with his great timing, so on the milisecond that it started to dawn on me what a demeaning undertone I just had expressed, went on saying: Well, feel free to keep doing this the rest of your life and break my heart each and every time you do it.
Lightning and thunder.
Relief, again and again.
Grateful for all the teachings.


Today I was reminded of this beautiful animation of the story of Sita and Rama.

Sita sings the blues, here is the trailer, the full version is also on youtube.


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One Response to Dankjewel Diederik + Sita sings the blues, or: Meji and Ramji 1.

  1. silrak says:

    Jim could have his head up his ass, whats of note is that you are bothered and want to be the corrector of what you believe he isn’t getting right. Are you or anyone sure that they see the whole truth?
    The ball is in your court.

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