Meji gives a Press Conference


Beloveds, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,

Despite all the measures of precaution, information about Meji’s health has leaked unto the media. Especially through the hardcover version of Facebook.
The unleashed amount of warm attention and offerings of chicken soup and other goodies (if only You were not so Far Away!) have caused a miracle: Meji has fully recovered and has decided to offer you an update about the last nights himself.
Since in India, December 18 of last year, Meji has not slept so well due to the warmth.
It is midwinter here, people with ear warmers are seen regularly, but during the nights Meji’s body seems to be competing with the sun: it produces lots of heat.
So, long, in a way fragmented yet interesting nightly adventures are happening all the time.

Also the first days of Meji’s not feeling well were interesting, but different.
There were night long lasting dream states going on with kind of a story line. Interspersed with things like changing a soaking wet Tshirt for a dry one, drinking electrolytes enriched water, taking medicines, and stuff like that. And just days ago by shitting in his pants while asleep or adream. For sure one can not beat the effect of modern pampers with just underpants and some toilet paper in it.  (:-). Very unpractical all of this.
So, Meji himself took off the bed sheet, cleaned the mattress and filled up yet another underpants with toilet paper and on it went. After having taking two capsules of imodium at once, trying to stay awake while sitting on the mattress on a old newspaper for one and a half hours. Meanwhile the feverish dreamy story just continued in between the necessary earthly rituals.

The last two nights were different. Meji had decided to do an experiment. For some reason (this saves telling a long story in itself), he has in his medicine box an amount of codeine sulphate 10 mg tablets. They are meant to be helpful in case of tickling cough, but Meji knows that for him they bring nice dreams. Already for more then three and a half years he did not touch them. And the night before yesterday he went to bed after having taken half a tablet. During the night he took the other half and later the whole second tablet. About this night Meji wrote in his diary: Chemicals like this (codeine is a component of opium) seem to touch complete memories or even memory as such and even they seen to carry memories from afar.
Last night resulted in the feeling of having really slept while dreaming. And just a few breaks. And a total of ten hours. Meji in Wonderland. The dreaming was wonderful, soft and meaningful at the same time. The first sentence that Meji wrote this morning, in an attempt to capture ‘something’ was this:
“The abundant possibilities to victimize ourselves”.
It has meanwhile become this: “Beloveds, I am so sensitive. And the Cosmos is so cruel. It offers a vast abundance of possibilities to easily victimize ourselves. Yet the choice is soo rich that Meji gets stuck time and again in the process of choosing, which bring him tears of happiness: again not fallen in the pit of the devil, but only stuck in contemplating upon the best way to jump in.”

So, that was the good news.
There is some possible minor bad news that might come later or not at all.
Wow, how’s that for a cliff hanger?
Beloveds, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,

You now can line up for a real hug, hardcover Facebook style.




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