Unfinished business in Rishikesh 1 ( Bodhi Sattva Ki Jai ! 2)

Recently I said to yet another Swami that I had quite some unfinished business in Rishikesh.
The humoristic undertone was not to be missed.
Yet, like all jokes, they may come from far but they come from somewhere.
Like the following.

Op 27 feb. 2018 05:46 schreef “Hans van der Gugten” <gug@hansvandergugten.nl> het volgende:
Hello Satyamahi.

We met few days ago when i walked onto the balcony of a German Bakery.
And i said that i had some unfinished business with Satshree and that i would write you a short mail.
Here we go:
Dear Satshree.

After and because if what you said to me in this satsang in Amsterdam i wrote you a open letter (satsang for me is a public affair, might have to do with my family secrecy past and yes herein us a touch of sarcasm) and posted it in the fb page of this yoga center. I see that it is not there anymore, the ‘discussion’ space is empty.
So, although i had expected at least some reaction from your side, it is not clear if my text even reached you.

I made a blog out of it, so here it is to read for you: https://www.hansvandergugten.nl/?p=4833

I was rather flabbergasted by what you spoke to me.
Only somewhat later you asked if I had been instrumental in what ‘I’ did and i said yes.
My impression is that you were to quick in speaking what you did.
If you agree i would like to hear this from you. And if you don’t agree, same same.

Can we have a cup of coffee or chai together one if these days?


Soon a answer came.
Op 27 feb. 2018 19:29 schreef “New Dharma” <newdharma@gmail.com> het volgende:
Dear Hans,

Yes, this is what I sometime say, but just to emphasize the point that the lessons of life are gifts and should be embraced and not run from. Of course the purpose of suffering is to transmute our attitude towards it into truth and love. Thus we become that which cannot suffer. The error within us is that which seeks to avoid suffering is in fact what keeps it in place. Hope that makes things clearer.
With love in truth,
Om Tat Sat
Sat Shree


I couldn’t help myself answering other than thus.
Op 28 feb. 2018 11:20 schreef “Hans van der Gugten” <gug@hansvandergugten.nl> het volgende:

Dear Sat Shree,

The first thing I noticed is that the lay out of your email builds up to the size of your name. Just sayin’.

As for what you say sometimes: me thinks you shouldn’t.

Saying to anyone that you hardly know that they flushed their spiritual development down the drain, just to emphasize something?
You might have misunderstood the person you are talking about, to just mention a practical reason not to do this.
And then speaking in such absolute terms!
Do you know the story of Milarepa?

In my case and as far as I am concerned you must have totally misunderstood what I told you. There was no avoiding of pain. Au contraire.
It was a very very painfull proces that I took on.
And very purifying too. Transmuting suffering into love and truth, as you might put it.

Have you seen the movie Festen?
Be my guest: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9GRnA60D55A

Well, (free after Bob Marley),
apparently no coffee no chai.
So be it.


I have no idea about a concluding last sentence, so this is it.

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  1. hn says:

    Ah, deze bedoelde je.

    Heb je gezien dat er nog een klussende hansvdgugten.nl is?

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