Luminality, to be used later

Hi Foetsie,

Yesterday I saw a post of I.S. on facebook and as my habit is I searched for the source of that quote and from there I came, clickertheclackwiththemouseetcetera, at a wikipage that was of interest to me.
It added a consept to something that I already for long want to write about later.

Here is the reconstruction of the search and find operation.
Isaac posted this:

Toss aside your map of the world,
All your beliefs and constructs.
Dare the wild unknown.
Here in this terrifying freedom,
Naked before the universe,
Commune with the One
Who knows everything from the inside:
Invisible power pervading everywhere.
Divine Presence permeating everything.
Breathe tenderly as
The lover of all beings.

~ Vijnana Bhairava Tantra

It is often the responses, the remarks and questions, that spark my curiosity in action.
This time one of the questions asked was “isaac do you know anyone who has lived and teaches the bhairava Tantra? ”

That raised the question if this was not just a cherry picked text from some larger body of wise antique texts, but was maybe referring to a practice of some kind.

So, I googled for
‘Toss aside your map of the world,All your beliefs and constructs.Dare the wild unknown.’
So, it became right away clear that the quote is taken from a text on which we have this wiki:ñāna_Bhairava_Tantra.

Now I look it up again and clicked through on the title of the pdf that I saw yesterday, suddenly there is a new name in the title of the pdf: Sanskrit Literature, Hinduism texts, Dharma Texts, Vedic literature, Hinduism Scriptures, Shaivism, Shiv Puja, ‘Vigyana Bhairava Radiance Sutras 112 Gateways to the Yoga Wonder Delight, Lorin Roche.pdf’

Yoga? Wonder? Delight? Lorin Roche?
Google for Lorin Roche and right away you land in the New Age.
With in the upper hits a link to a video: “The Radiance Sutras With Lorin Roche & Deepak Chopra, MD”
Zucht. (Sigh).

Another, more interesting thing that I found yesterday, was while I was quickly scanning this above mentioned wiki page, a sentence with a for me new consept that drew my attention.
It is the line “Vijnanabhairava or Techniques for Entering Liminal Consciousness by Dmitri Semenov[16]” on this wiki page:ñāna_Bhairava_Tantra

Now I look at it again I read that the text is introduced as follows:
The Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra (sometimes spelled in a Hindicised way as Vigyan Bhairav Tantra) is a key Tantra text of the Trika school of Kashmir Shaivism in Sanskrit language. Cast as a discourse between the god Bhairava and his consort Bhairavi, it briefly presents 112 Tantric meditation methods or centering techniques (dharana).[1] These include several variants of breath awareness, concentration on various centers in the body, non-dual awarenessMantra chanting, imagination and visualization and contemplation through each of the senses.[2] A prerequisite to success in any of the 112 practices is a clear understanding of which method is most suitable to the practitioner.[3]

In hindsight this is what I might have meant with cherry picked: this long text is about a lot of action and this one above quoted text is posted from an atmosphere where a adagium is that you don’t have to do anything.

Back to my what caught my attention: Liminal Consciousness.
Google delivers right away this:
And I know that I found something that will be of use in a yet to write story.

Meanwhile take a hike on the just discovered Liminal Highway.

Also, on my search for a good picture to start this blog I stumble upon this website:
So here it is and I’ll find another image to start with.

And because I have been lectured on copyright and theft recently, her is the website where I just found the luminity banner:

So far, so good.

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